Dissecting Your Future

by Mutilatred

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Mutilatred is:
Patrick McDonagh | guitar, vocals, piano
Clay Lowe | drums.
Patrick Meyers | guitar, programming
Nick Hale | bass

Mutilatred exist for one reason... to pummel your rotting corpse to a second death. No frills - no glossy image - all sickness! A bombastic combination of old school New York death metal, slam, and putrid death grind with heavy down tuned guitars, pounding shotgun blasts, and enough groove to beat someone's face into oblivion.

Comprised of ex-members of Premonitions of War and the grindtastic Serpent Speech, Mutilatred follow the path paved by early pioneers such as Mortician, Incantation, Goreaphobia, and early Immolation. The band do not seek to reinvent the wheel but rather defile it and shove it down the throats of what experts in the “industry” consider to be “modern death metal.” With only 2 songs reaching over the 3 minute mark Muliatred waste no time with filler and are constantly pushing the limits of extremity on their debut LP. Seeing Red Records are proud to announce the addition of this destructive force and the revival of the spirit of true sickness. Catch this band on tour and keep the spirit of death metal alive.


released September 25, 2015

Recorded at the Practice Spot.
Engineered by: Patrick McDonagh, Clay Lowe, and Patrick Meyers, (and whomever was willing to press record and then play).
Mixing and Mastering: Mat Kerekes.
Logo: Christopher Horst
Cover Art: Remy Cuveillier @ Headsplit Design
Layout: Dave Vezdos



all rights reserved


Seeing Red Records Cleveland, Ohio

Extreme music is about creating a world beyond limitations, restrictions, and conventions. Our mission is to bring the masses an eclectic array of artists from various genres and styles and to celebrate the perpetual survival of underground music in the face of trends, business hawks, and naysayers whom have all made a conscious effort to distort and destroy what we hold dear. ... more

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Track Name: Skinned While Alive
Pray for death as you are skinned, hollowed out know you can never survive.
Hollow screams will not help you, time to begin, now they kill you.
Insisting to kill - with the greed, leads to death.
Tighten the grips that hold the flesh, to rip it from the skin it’s in.
Track Name: Consumed With Darkness
Darkness consumes you, in its moral decay
No escaping the depth of its reach, as it rips out your veins.
Will you help their lifeless world, which leads you to your death?
And now we’re here, the edge of your life,
Where it all ends, where you will die.
The endless pit of…your meaningless lies
The endless thoughts of death…distorting your mind.
Consumed with darkness, and smothered in pain.
Track Name: Fuck You
Inject this evil, deep in the vein, suffering as you consume, it needs your life.
Kill them…kill them…kill them,
Collections built upon suffering, used until you are nothing
No amount is left behind, and nothing changes the destroying of lives,
The connections failed while trying, and nothing amounts to the destroying of lives.
Track Name: Forced To Stay Dead
Cries for help amount to nothing, and what’s left is killed
Deceitful means to brainwash masses, you disagree and you are killed.
No surprise it’s come to this, becoming a world of death.
Hoarders of lives, will force the rest to…force the rest to stay dead.
The mindless line up and continue…continue to stay dead.
One-by-one, they march to the end
They’re forced to stay dead.
Track Name: Control Their Minds
The mindless will fall, into an endless pit
They gather as one; controlled by a leader’s…greed.
Disease has crept into the minds of those who commands the dead
Oh, how deceitful it can be,
No use fighting for control, entangled in greed,
It’s fallen into darkness.
Hatred confirms the truth, everything’s built on lies
As the fight continue, we control their minds.
Track Name: Born In Radiation
Human error has, carved out a path, of destruction and hate, to quicken our slow death.
This destructive reign, starts the demise, and genocide of our kind.
We remain blind, to the problems we create, and the cycle grows, mass death is our mistake.
How can you save, this mistake? How can you save, such ignorance?
Track Name: Grave Crusher
As you exhale, your final living breath, you’re transforming, becoming.
Death’s reach, will escape no one, with no time to digest this revolution.
While being carried to your grave, you finally realize, you are nothing.
You are born, you will end, and it means nothing.
Track Name: Submerged In Agony
What is this age of deceit, where the “masters” turned their backs?
Directed and set up to drown, in an endless sea of pain.
I call them a master of lies, I call them a complete mistake,
I want to watch them die, I call that a way to justify.
I need to feel their pain, I want to watch them suffer,
The wish for their demise, is concluded with agony.
The reign of terror is here, to drown all hope with agony,
The age of hate is here, and it stays submerged in agony.
Their work of hate won’t die, immersed in ruined lives,
The reign of terror is here, it brings eternal death.
Track Name: Dissecting Your Future
Death waits for you, as you dissect,
The life of those, who crawled back.
Insane from your forced opinion,
A lack of trust from your need to profit.
Now you
Must die
For This
For all your human sacrifice.
Track Name: Torn Apart
Clouded with the smoke, of funeral pyres,
Still sawing at the bones, to compact the dead,
Overflow with bodies, ready for flames,
Their grave is engulfed with fire.
Sawing through bone, gathering the limbs.
Massive lacerations, even after death, collects blood that is drained,
Hail to the sire; the taker of lives, the one who breathes the plague.
Hail to the sire; the taker of lives, the one who breathes the plague…and infects the minds.
Track Name: Peeled Flesh
Hold out with the cures for disease…create a plan to mask suffering.
How has this plan made it to the top?
The ones who pull the strings, are the ones who deserve a slow death.
Track Name: Turned Into Ash
Look how your kingdom has become obsolete,
Cast down in flames of sudden blasphemy.
Look at the loss of power, the rulers lack respect,
As society crumbles, the foundation strikes back.
We continue to stare, while it burns.
Track Name: Exploded Veins
Hidden by a veil of deception, create a false cure of nothing,
How many deaths will result of their conceptions? Buying into the story…the disguise.
Believing the façade, the product descends upon the ignorant,
(But) who wouldn’t believe their friend.
Who wouldn’t take what’s given? A pill to prevent; solution for death,
They’ll boil us and laugh, they’ll burn us and nod.
Measure our screams and melting skin, explode our veins with crooked grins,
They’ll boil us and laugh, they’ll burn us and nod.
Keep us chained to a burning building, let us cough until our lungs fail,
They are concealed…by gates of deceit, employed by those that declare their innocence.